JobReady Ltd’s experienced HR and Recruitment Consultants offer Personalised Consultancy Services either via Skype or at various locations in Auckland.

In our experience in HR and the Recruitment Industry, we have identified that there is a gap in relation to job seekers not being sufficiently prepared for the New Zealand job market. This can make searching for employment frustrating, extended and, often unsuccessful.

Recruitment Consultants do not have the time to mentor unprepared candidates and Immigration Consultants are often not experienced in Recruitment and HR requirements to advise their clients. There is often a gap between the job seeker and the job – particularly with new to New Zealanders, Students and Job Seekers looking to change careers.

By providing job seekers with specific, tailored tutoring and personalised mentoring to ensure that they are ready for the New Zealand job market is an area we have considerable experience in.

If you are a:
• Student (Currently studying in New Zealand – looking for, or about to look for part time or full time work)
• Job Seeker – international or national
• Job Seeker referred by an Immigration Consultancy firm
• Job Seeker referred by a Recruitment Agency
• Job Seeker looking for a new role or a change in career

We can help you! View our Webinars for “How to” Tutorials or for Consultancy Services we offer the following:

Consultancy Services
CV Assessment and email report: $50.00 plus GST
CV Review and amendment: $120.00 per hour plus GST (or part thereof)
Consultancy Services regarding CV Creation or Assistance, Job Search Consultation, Interview Preparation or Queries: $120 per hour + GST  (or part thereof).

Mentor Program
Personally mentoring job seekers through the full job process including CV preparation, job search, interview preparation and techniques as well as assisting with contract negotiations and follow up.
• Option One – 5 hours of consultative services $540.00 + GST (first 30 minutes free)
• Option Two – 10 hours of consultative services $1,080.00 + GST (first 1 hour free)
• Additional hours $120.00 per hour + GST

Conversational English Tutoring
• Understanding common English terminology, Kiwi sayings and dialect $120.00 per hour + GST
• Additional hours $120.00 per hour + GST

Student Starter
Quick overview for your personal job search including CV preparation, interview preparation and techniques.
1 x 1 hour $100.00 per hour + GST

Nothing in the above is intended to be considered or construed to be Immigration Advice which can only be accessed via the services of a Lawyer or Licenced Immigration Advisor or, or check publicly available information.