How to successfully interview and Kiwi colloquialisms


In this Webinar we will be showing you examples of interview techniques, – (what to do and what not to do to!)  to ensure you can successfully interview with a New Zealand employer! (17:10 mins)

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have been asked to interview for a job!  Now you need to do some preparation so you have the best possible opportunity to succeed at the interview and get the job!

 This Webinar gives you a step-by-step guide to interviewing with an Employer or Recruitment Consultant in New Zealand.

 You will learn:

  • The interview steps and process from the initial telephone chat, first and second interviews and final negotiations.
  • The do’s and don’ts at interview
  • The very important greeting process
  • About an interview – viewing an actual interview on this Webinar with examples of questions
  • As well as important communication styles and Kiwi colloquialisms.

Attached to this Webinar is also a comprehensive list of Questions and examples of Answers interviewers typically ask in Employer or Agency interviews.

Once you have viewed this Webinar, if you would like further one-on-one interview technique assistance, communication assistance or further information, please view our Services and Contact Pages.

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(17:10 mins)


Gives you the specifics of essential techniques for interview: eg:

At this part of the interview, the interviewer will start asking you questions about your skills and experience.  This is where you need to talk about all the relevant things you have done and the results of your work.

  • Explain your successes,
  • Any projects you have worked on; and
  • How you have proved your worth in the roles you have worked in.

Keep in mind the job you are interviewing for and talk about your skills and experience relevant for the role.

The interviewer may ask a range of questions about how you handled different situations, (examples on the attached Interview Questions document) (Please view Webinar) examples from your previous jobs and where you are wanting to progress your skills in the future.

Be prepared to answer questions about why you left the jobs you have been in, for example… Please view Webinar.

Smile, be positive, look the interviewer in the eye, don’t fidget, sit up straight and keen – not slouching in the chair and appear enthusiastic and keen.(View Webinar for further instructional information).

If an interviewer decides from your body language that you are uninterested, bored, unenthusiastic or lazy, they won’t employ you and the interview will finish quickly!

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