How to create your CV for the New Zealand job market


(15:51 mins)

Creating a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for the New Zealand job market is the most important tool you need.  A CV is different from a Resume and New Zealand employers require specific information on your CV when applying for jobs.

Your CV is not a static document.  Your CV is a document that you modify and update depending on the job you are applying for.

In this Webinar we will provide you with a Template for a New Zealand Curriculum Vitae and a step-by-step instructional process, so you can complete your CV yourself.  There are important tips and steps you need to follow and this Webinar provides you with all the information you need. Programs required PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat  VLC Media Player



(15:51 mins)


(This is the Title.  ‘Curriculum Vitae’ or ‘CV’ is a summary of your skills and experience.  A Curriculum Vitae is longer than a Resume.  A CV is required when applying for jobs in New Zealand.  Your CV needs to be in Word format or PDF so it can be emailed.)


(If you don’t have an English name, or if you have a particularly long name, consider shortening your name for your CV.  This is a ‘Kiwi” thing to do and is often called a “Nickname”.

For example: Matthew is often shortened to “Matt”, Kimberley – “Kim”, Nicholas – “Nick”)

Personal Details

Name:             Name  (Your full given name with your ‘Nickname’ in brackets)

Address:          Address 1

                          Address 2

                          Address 3

PLEASE NOTE:  Ideally when you are looking for a job in New Zealand you will be already located in New Zealand.  If you are months or weeks away from moving to New Zealand, wait until you are 4-6  weeks from being located in the town or city you are moving to before applying for jobs.    

Phone:            021 123 456

Ideally a New Zealand phone number.  If you do not have a New Zealand phone number as yet, please advise your contact details either via email or Skype.  When you are applying for jobs it is important you are able to be contacted for an initial telephone/Skype interview.


Birth date:      01/01/01 (Birth date is optional)

Once you have completed your CV, if you would like one of JobReady’s Consultants to view your CV and advise you if any modifications or additions are required, or to check for correct English sentence structures, please contact us.

Further information on our Consultation Services can be found on JobReady’s Consultancy Page. Programs required PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat  VLC Media Player