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New Zealand Employers want to see the specific information they require for the role they have available. That information needs to match that PARTICULAR job!

If you have not worked in New Zealand before, Employers also want to see your transferable skills and how you will fit into their business. That is why it is essential you create a New Zealand style CV. YOU need to create your CV as only you know your work history. A CV writer is not you! Using the CV you have always used from another Country will reduce your chances of getting a job!

Your CV needs to be a document you can modify for each role you apply for. Using one CV to apply for every role reduces your chances of your CV being viewed. You need to focus your CV on the SPECIFICS for EACH job application.

IMPORTANT TIP: Apply for roles that match your skills, qualifications and experience!

JobReady has designed a product specifically for creating your CV for New Zealand jobs and New Zealand Employers. Our Webinar explains step by step how to create your CV along with a Template and notes for each section. You can view part of this Webinar here:


And download the full Webinar and Template here:

Start with the job specifics and focus your CV to the role.
We explain how to do that here: https://www.jobready.co.nz/product/job-search/


Your first page needs:
Title – Curriculum Vitae, Then your name as part of the Title – First name then Last name, Personal Details, Personal Profile/Career Overview focussing on the job requirements, Skills and Abilities relevant to the role you are applying for, Education and Qualifications and a Table brief of your Work History.

Second Page onwards should be your detailed Work History.

Your Work History should have: Title of the Company, Your Job Title, Dates you worked there, and a brief of what the Company does. Then bullet point sentences explaining your responsibilities. Include reasons for leaving at the end of each role to show career progression or travel opportunities, etc.

Your work history should be focussed on the role you are applying for. Explain in detail your transferrable skills and experience, projects you completed, etc for what the role you are applying for requires.

Personalise your Work History – use “I”, “My” etc when creating sentences about your responsibilities, achievements, tasks etc so your CV doesn’t read like a Job Description.

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