Make your CV irresistible to an Employer!

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Are you getting responses to your applications for jobs?

Have you used a CV Writer but it isn’t making a difference?


And, here’s why!

Employers in New Zealand are very particular in what they want! They want a match to their job requirement. They want a person who will fit the role – exactly!

So – your CV details, application and cover letter needs to provide them that!

Why can’t I just have one standard CV?

A generic or static CV doesn’t get a response! Your CV needs to be modified for EACH job you apply for. If one job is looking for more customer service skills, you need to show that in your CV. If another, similar job ad is looking for particular computer skills and experience, then you need to show that in your CV. You may have both those skills and experience, but if the Employer is looking for a particular focus for the role, you need to modify your CV so that the most important aspect the Employer is looking for is focussed on.

What about personality – what is an Employer looking for?

New Zealand job advertisements often ask for particular types of personality focus. Friendly, easygoing, team player, ‘service with a smile’, etc. You need to include the aspects that reflect you in your CV as well. An Employer wants to see ‘You’ on paper – including what you are like as a person.

How ‘serious’ should my CV be?

Your CV is a professional document.  However, don’t use big, long words or sentences as your CV will read like a job description! It needs to be a document reflecting you!  Use “I” and “My” to describe yourself, including in sentences describing your skills and work experience.

HELP!  Where do I start to create my CV?

JobReady is here to help! We provide a cost effective “How To” Webinar and CV Template which shows you HOW to create a CV that matches what an Employer wants.

You can view it here:

JobReady’s Programmes are different from CV Writers (who are a lot more expensive) – one CV does not fit all jobs, and you need to be focusing your CV for each role you apply for.

That’s the difference!!! You want your CV to be viewed! If you send the same CV to several different jobs, it is unlikely your CV will be looked at. You have to show the Employer you are and have EXACTLY what they want. From skills, abilities and experience to personality and team fit.

JobReady also provides a JobSearch Webinar – free for the Month of October when you purchase our “Create your CV” Webinar. Our JobSearch Webinar also includes a Cover Letter Template which explains how to show an Employer you are the right fit.

View JobReady’s Facebook Page for further information:

It’s important to know – that an Employer or Recruitment Consultant doesn’t view a pretty CV with coloured borders and photos and think “Oh what a lovely CV, I’ll employ that person!” They skip over all of that and look for CONTENT. Do you have exactly what they are looking for?


  • Tell the truth on your CV;
  • Apply to roles that match your skills and experience, and
  • FOCUS your CV for each job ad.

One CV does not fit all jobs!!!!!

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